Lean Construction and how to eliminate time and cost killers.


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What is the difference between an automotive manufacturing and a construction site?

It is 31%.

According to a study, 57% of the spending in construction is non-value-added effort or waste. Compared to this, the waste in manufacturing is only 26% [1].


What are the reasons for the poor productivity in construction?

An automotive manufacturing is a highly industrialized and standardized production environment while a building is unique and is erected one-time. This means:

  • Every building is individual.
  • Every project is individual.
  • Many players - subs and stakeholders.
  • Missing transparency.
  • Many manual activities.
  • Changing teams.
  • Missing organizational structures.

However, is a car really a mass product? If you look at Volkswagen, there are 1,000 different configurations possible.
Moreover, isn't the construction of a building always the same process? Excavation, foundations, shell construction, ...

There must be a solution to increase the productivity of construction significantly. Can it be Lean Construction?

Definition of Lean Construction

Lean Thinking is the creation values without waste. It is a mindset and toolset to increase the efficiency of the overall value creation chain. Lean management comprises the application in administration, manufacturing, supply chain, etc.

Lean construction is the transfer of the lean mentality to construction:

  • A continuous improvement process throughout the entire construction project.
  • Elimination of waste.
  • Achieve and exceed customer expectations.

Elimination of waste during the building phase

Lean construction includes many approaches to achieve world-class-construction. One of the most important is to identify and eliminate waste - the time and cost killers:

Identification of time and cost killers

Digitization will be the key to success as digital technologies bring transparency into building processes. It enables builders and contractors to identify the time and cost killers.


If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. (Peter Drucker)

Peter Drucker's quote emphasizes the importance of transparency to improve construction processes. Collecting and analyzing field data is the basis for implementing lean construction. Digital solutions like Contakt are doing exactly that. It is a toolset to digitize your construction site and to increase productivity. Check out the website www.contakt.build or get in touch with us.


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