3D construction printing at a glance

3D construction printing at a glance


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Printing of single-story house shells (200 m²) with poured concrete in 24 hours.

Contour Crafting Corporation where we as Umdasch Group Ventures are holding a 30% stake is the technology leader in large scale 3D construction printing with concrete. They are holding over 100 relevant technological patents. Prof. Berok Khoshnevis, the inventor and founder of Contour Crafting, published already in 1996 about 3D printing of buildings. In 2009, Generation 0 was the first to print building structures with cementitious materials.

3D construction printing is a totally new and disrupting construction method with lots of advantages. At bauma 2019, we have presented the Generation 1 of Contour Crafting:

  • Unique and patented technology that prints with poured concrete.
  • Deployable – printing directly at jobsite.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • Robotics – only 1 operator.
  • Environmentally-friendly.
  • Significant time and cost savings.

3D construction printing will find its applications in social housing, disaster relief, military, organic architecture and also in outer space.

3D construction printing at bauma

Exhibition of Contour Crafting at bauma 2019

Contour Crafting's groundbreaking technology is printing with concrete and convinces with following unique features:

  • Crafters CC-108 and CC-112 are based on a gantry concept with either 8 m (CC-108) or 12 m (CC-112) distance between the rails.
  • The printed material is concrete (identical to standard poured concrete) and therefore economically and technically proven.
  • Multiple printing heads for different types of walls are available.
  • The system can pause and resume at any time and can be fully cleaned in 10 min by just one operator.
  • The common problem of clogging in 3D construction printing does not exist in our system.
  • The total system weight is below 1 metric ton.
  • The crafter only needs 90 min for set-up or repositioning at job site done by 2 operators.
  • The CC-112 crafter can print house shells with floorplans of up to 200 m2 in one shot.
  • CC-112´s dimensions, if packed for transportation, are: 1.5 x 1.5 x 12 m
  • Ability to change the printed mixture´s properties on the fly.
  • Seamless compatibility with architectural software (i.e. Revit, etc.).
  • Due to a fully digitized process from the very start, full BIM capability.

Umdasch Group Ventures plans to establish a subsidiary which, parallel to the Contour Crafting Corporation, will roll out “Printing as A Service (PAS)” as a business model.

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