The growth of Africa - Solve the housing challenge for 4 billion people.

The growth of Africa - Solve the housing challenge for 4 billion people.


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Christine, Head of Sales at Neulandt and Marco, the Managing Director, traveled Africa quite intensively since the foundation of Neulandt GmbH in January 2019. They visited countries in West and East Africa, namely Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and South Africa to explore the housing market and find potential partners. Back home, they have shared many impressive insights with us.

Christine and Marco in front of the skyline of Nairobi, Kenya.

The growth of Africa

Africa covers an area of 30.2 million square kilometers which translates into 22% of our entire planet. The Sahara alone has the size of the United States of America.

With currently 1.3 billion people, Africa domiciles 17% of the world's population. Due to its giant growth 4.4 billion people will live there by 2100 and the continent will contain the majority of the world’s future megacities. For example: Lagos alone, a city in Nigeria, alone will grow to 85 million people; more or less the population of today's Germany.

Population growth
Population growth trend - the giant growth of Africa.
By 2100 most of the world`s megacities will be in Africa.

The affordable housing challenge

Africa will face enormous challenges in its countries and cities. Infrastructure and affordable housing are of utmost importance. The demand is huge. Christine and Marco have been told that

  • Ivory Coast needs to build 400.000 housing units,
  • Kenya 500.000 units and
  • Ghana 300.000 new ones,
    both flats and houses and within a short period of time.



Housing project in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Planned are 40,000 units for 300,000 inhabitants on an area of 100 km².

Governments have a keen interest to cover the demand. Financing is a challenge as well. Real estate developers are allocated land by the government but have to pre-finance the projects. Due to double digit interest rates the risks are huge.

Local players such as but not limited to developers and architects are very open to and interested in new technologies combined with knowledge transfer.
Christine and Marco presented our Neulandt 3P, a mobile factory for the industrialized production of concrete precast elements to support the creation of affordable housing.



New precast technology for the housing challenge

Locals are very enthusiastic about our precast technology because the holistic concept of Neulandt 3P exactly meets their needs, such as:

  • Mobility – the plant is temporary set up at the project location (job site) thus the precast elements are produced directly where they are needed.
  • Job engine – the plant is operated by local workforce and material is sourced locally supporting the regional economy.
  • Productivity – Fast and cost-effective production in a high quality.

As partner of and key player in the construction sector we are able to add value to the local construction value chain. We

  • deliver the latest technologies and knowledge to solve the challenge of affordable housing and
  • create jobs for the African peoples.

Our Neulandt team is currently in the acquisition phase of first projects and very exciting about what is coming next.


Christine Fasching started in the engineering division of Doka followed by a position as project manager and head of engineering for formwork projects in Asia (Singapore, Taiwan, India, ...) as well as Australia. Now, she lives in Austria again and is a passionate musician.

Marco Romahn worked as construction manager, technical manager and managing director for leading construction players in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Neulandt - Porttable Precast Plant

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