8 New Digital Technologies Transforming Brick & Mortar Stores


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Our retail team visited the Euroshop, which is the biggest retail fair and the Nr. 1 hotspot for the industry. We spotted the newest technologies with a focus on digital technologies to push Brick & Mortar stores and on new retail to combine the best of the online and offline world.

You get indeed flashed when you walking through the Euroshop. More than 2,300 exhibitors from more than 50 countries present their newest products in 17 halls. Lots of creative designs and experiences, full of colorful lights and as well as fancy assortments impressed the visitors.

Euroshop Animal Decoration
Euroshop Christmas

Not a technology but simply fancy and funny.

1. Connected Commerce – How to bring a mall into the digital world

Stocksquare is connecting online and offline commerce. A data platform is building a bridge between shopping malls and online shopping. ECE are shopping centers in the offline world. They are providing data about available products to Otto.de who represent the online world. Therefore, customers can search for products, check prices and availability, then either reserve them for pick-up or order them for home delivery.

This case is very interesting because ECE is operating more than 100 shopping malls in Germany. So every German inhabitant is not more than 35 minutes away from a shopping center which is a great infrastructure for instance to handle the last mile.

Connected Commerce

2. Mobile Self-Checkout

Self-checkout systems are not really an innovation because they just transfer the work to the other side. So the customer is doing the cashiers' job and so there are no real savings for the customer. But Mobile Self Checkout, already better known as Scan & Go, is redesigning the customer experience. Customers scan their products while taking it from the shelf and can directly walkout the store without putting it out again to scan or waiting in a queue. The use cases to improve the customer journey are endless, for instance, customers can get additional information, can check prices and promotions, etc.

Shopreme was presenting their Scan & Go solution at the Umdasch booth. The solution is already live at Billa (Rewe) and the Airport Munich. There are already many solutions on the market, but Shopreme App is really convincing us with a unique user experience.

Wirecube Shopreme Scan & Go

3. Invisible Barcodes

Another very interesting technology supplementing Scan & Go are invisible barcodes. They contribute significantly to increase convenience for self-scanning as many bar codes can be printed on the packaging. This will make bar code scanning more quickly and easier as you do not have to hunt for the code.

4. Recyclable RFID Tags

RFID is everywhere. There was a huge amount of providers for tracking products with RFID. Usual RFID labels are critical from an environmental point of view. When placing them on a paper or cardboard packing the applied materials (e.g. PU) cause problems when recycling it as waste paper. Stora Enso as developed the ECO RFID Tag which enables the recycling of the barcode with waste paper.

ECO Recyclable RFID

5. Interactive Mirror for Changing Rooms

Take a clothing to the fitting room, scan its barcode or alternatively identify it via RFID and the mirror will interact with you. You can check available sizes and colors as well as getting suggestions for outfits. Clothes can be ordered directly from the fitting room for home delivery.

Interactive Mirror for Fitting Rooms

6. The Self-Driving Shopping Cart

There are many innovations transforming the shopping cart into an smart cart. For instance, Walkout developed a shopping cart which automatically identifies products while putting them in and enables payment directly at the carts display. A very impressive and also amusing innovation is the self-driving shopping cart from Carttec which is automatically following its customer.

Smart Shopping Cart

7. Robots

Many robots visited the fair, mainly for inventory scanning and services. We also met Ruby, the robot barkeeper. The robot is autonomously preparing drinks.

Barkeeper Robot

8. Umdasch Storemakers World of Experience

The impressive world of experience of Umdasch is presenting creative store making combined with digital technologies for the ultimate user experience.
The booth of our sister company Umdasch The Storemakers was very impressive. So it is not surprising that they were nominated for the Exhibitor Magazine´s EuroShop Awards.

Wanna do a virtual and interactive visit?

Umdasch The Store Makers

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