Additive Manufacturing for Plastic and Metal

Additive Manufacturing for Plastic and Metal


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Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) for Plastic and Metal – Portofolio Expansion in Umdasch Group Ventures

Additive manufacturing is increasingly finding its way into industry. From test equipment to hydraulic manifolds, many things are possible. What are the special features of this manufacturing process?

Metal Printing

Metal printing enables complex parts, which cannot be produced economically in conventional production processes, to be implemented in a short time. In addition to challenging geometries and prototypes, series products can now also be produced efficiently using additive manufacturing. With this technology, up to 10,000 pieces per year can be realized in the powder bed fusion process, depending on the geometry and size of the component.

The components are built up from fine-grained powder using lasers in a resource-saving manner. Layer by layer (0.03 mm), the powder is applied in the build space and then fused with up to 1 kW of laser power. This manufacturing process is known as SLM (Selective Laser Melting).
A successful example of rapid implementation is the Doka Xact solution (link to Doka Xact) from Doka GmbH. DokaXact is the first interactive, sensor-based system for precise positioning of wall formwork elements for vertical structures, such as concrete cores of high-rise buildings.
Parts of this solution were manufactured using the metal 3d printing processes. Due to the complex requirements and geometry, an almost friction-free bearing could only be produced using the additive manufacturing process. The implementation from the optimized CAD model to the first 200 operational parts took only 4 days.

3D Druck

Printed component for Doka Xact

Plastic Printing

Typical applications in plastics 3d printing are the production of prototypes, building models, but also series parts. Special molds or tools required in conventional manufacturing processes are not needed in additive manufacturing. This means that even small quantities can be manufactured cost-effectively.
In the area of product development, physical prototypes are very popular in order to be able to carry out initial tests on plastic parts directly in the development process. This in turn reduces the time to market and generates a competitive advantage.
In the SLS process (Selective Laser Sintering), polyamide powder or also flame-retardant polyamide is used as raw material for special applications. Since no support structures are required for this printing process, the available build space of the printer can be fully utilized.


Printed plastic model of a NEULANDT 3P

Our service portfolio

In Umdasch Group NewCon, the operational holding of Umdasch Group Ventures, will build up the unit around additive manufacturing for plastic and metal. The portfolio ranges from

  • rapid prototyping via
  • serial production to
  • various trainings and consulting.

The range of services naturally also includes geometry optimization, the necessary heat treatment of components made of high-performance metals, which are evaluated together with the customer.

Find out more on our website.

References and customer testimonials

Successful projects have already been completed with MostTech-Technologie Agentur, Harreither Innovations GmbH and Mataka e.U.

"In the course of a design and product development process, it is always important at any time to be able to evaluate the next iterations together with customers based on physical models and prototypes. As an extension to my own 3D printing capabilities, it is important to have a competent partner like Umdasch Group Newcon with industrial additive manufacturing equipment at my side as a partner for prototypes and small batch parts, "Markus Kargl-Tanzer, Product Designer, Mataka e.U.


Metal small series production

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