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Welcome to Umdasch Group Ventures.
Welcome to the future of construction.

Who is Umdasch Group Ventures?

Umdasch Group Ventures is the visionary Innovation Hub of the Umdasch Group AG. We focus exclusively on potentially disruptive technologies and business models along holistic building processes. Hence, we deliver answers for our future and global challenges.

As potential lead investor, we may choose to engage ourselves in mature start-ups or young enterprises and facilitate global success. As potential internal company creator, we engage ourselves in experimental product and process innovation, related business model development and, if successful, we create spin-offs for operational businesses. In short, Umdasch Group Ventures will be a driver and key player for the fundamental changes in the industry.

Umdasch Group Ventures GmbH, founded in 2016, is a 100% subsidiary of the global Umdasch Group AG, headquartered in Austria. This group has been globally successful in the construction and retail business for almost 150 years.



Winners of the Josef Umdasch Research Prize


Doka Ventures awarded innovative startups in the construction industry.

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Business Oskar

And the Oskar goes to ... Doka Ventures!


Doka Ventures GmbH wins the “USA Biz Award 2018”, the so-called „Business Oskar“ for their innovative engagement together with the Contour Crafting Corporation.

Doka Ventures - USA Biz Award 2018_EN
Doka Ventures - USA Biz Award 2018_DE

World Summit Award

World Summit Award


Doka Ventures awards startups with ideas to innovate the construction industry! Visit the World Summit Award / Josef Umdasch Research Prize Page to find out more and submit your idea in the category “Smart Settlement & Urbaniziation”.

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Building Future

Doka Ventures - Building Future Conference 2017


Networks across the whole construction sector are the foundation for deep insights and ideas regarding future needs and developments. Therefore, Doka Ventures hosted its first Building Future Conference in June 2017.

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What does Umdasch Group Ventures do?

In a nutshell, Umdasch Group Ventures deals with the future of construction. Take a look around you at the world today and you'll see right away that we're short of good responses to many big changes taking place right now. Fear of war, political persecution, poverty and famine, and also sheer desperation are forcing hundreds of millions of people to leave their homes in search of a better life. These streams of people are flowing toward the cities, but the cities lack the infrastructure to deal with this enormous influx.

Workable concepts are not all that is lacking. Recent decades have seen no major changes in the methods of construction. As a result the construction sector has a great deal of ground to make up in terms of speed, productivity and value adding. Given present resources and possibilities, it appears impossible to provide enough humanly decent and environmentally acceptable accommodation in the mega-cities of this world.

In this context digitisation plays a major role as a possible solution. One of the biggest opportunities for this sector is understanding construction not as a project but as a cycle – from planning to bidding and erection, through commissioning and operations and on to rehabbing and ultimately demolition and the associated recycling processes. Not just as regards efficiency, sustainability and resource management, but also in terms of ensuring safety and quality.

Umdasch Group Ventures contributes answers to burning economic, ecological and societal questions of our time. The company sees itself as a connecting link between new, pathbreaking technologies, methods and materials, and their implementability and viability against the backdrop of demographic and socio-political change.

City of the Future

Who is behind Umdasch Group Ventures?

Jürgen Obiegli

Jürgen Obiegli


Jürgen Obiegli worked in mining for 20 years as a mining engineer, before he joined the Doka Group in 1992. He has been the Group's Chairman of the Executive Board since 2014. His active retirement commenced at the end of 2016. In the company's initial set-up phase, however, Umdasch Group Ventures will be able to count on his expertise and know-how.

Gerd Pechura

Gerd Pechura


Before joining Umdasch/Doka Group in 2011 as Finance Director, Gerd Pechura had worked in construction-related industries (HVAC Controls, Lighting) for 27 years, where he held various Finance & Controlling positions. He became Member of the Executive Board of Doka Group in 2015. As CFO, he will provide Umdasch Group Ventures with his vast experience and expertise.

Werner H. Bittner

Werner H. Bittner

Member of the Executive Board

Apart from other experience he has been serving in various managerial functions in multinational groups of different industrial sectors for over 20 years, including 8 years as Member of the Executive Board. He joined the Doka Group in early 2016, built up its Strategic Business Development and then moved into the Executive Board of the newly founded sister company Umdasch Group Ventures.

Why should you get in touch with Umdasch Group Ventures?

You're working on a new method or a pathbreaking new material and you're eager to find a partner who can help you develop your idea through to market maturity? You are a young, innovative company with a business idea that can optimise the construction process and so help sustainably improve the world? Maybe you would like to work as part of our young, creative team of project engineers and trend scouts for the construction industry?

As you can see: there are lots of good reasons for getting in touch with us.

Umdasch Group Ventures GmbH

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