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Disrupting Construction

The future of construction starts now. Check out our groundbreaking innovations to revolutionize the way we build.

Our solutions

Let us shape
the future!

As the innovation hub of the Umdasch Group we are dealing with the future of construction and retail. We are delivering answers to the global challenges by developing new businesses on the basis of innovative and potentially disruptive technologies and business models.

Contakt - Increasing productivity

HOW? Digitizing the construction site with an IoT platform enables cost and time performance. Collecting data empowers you to long-term optimize your building processes.

Visit www.contakt.build


Neulandt 3P is a mobile field factory for the industrialized production of precast concrete elements for housing.

Visit www.neulandt.build



  • We are investor and your strategic partner for retail and construction innovations.
  • We provide you new construction technologies and solutions.
  • And we give you the most exciting work environment.

You have an idea to transform retail or construction?
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Optimize your building processes with the smart IoT-platform
>> Contakt.

Affordable Housing

Produce very efficiently precast elements for affordable houses with
>> Neulandt.

You want to shape the future? We are hiring!
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About Umdasch Group Ventures

We are the Future & Innovation Hub for Retail & Construction

We are the future & innovation hub of the multi-national Umdasch Group. We focus on pathbreaking technologies and business models in construction and retail. We invest in startups as well develop new potentially disruptive businesses in co-creation.
We are open-minded, pick-up very visionary ideas and have a strong ambition and power to create something big.

What do we do. And why.

Umdasch Group Ventures is an innovation hub and game changer focusing exclusively on innovations along the entire building value chain (construction) as well as consumer buying processes (retail). We are incubator, accelerator, company creator, startup investor and above all solution provider.

We are shaping the future by delivering answers to burning global challenges like urbanization. We search, monitor and analyze global megatrends and groundbreaking technologies and develop new, potentially disruptive business models.

About Umdasch Group

The family-owned company group with more than 8,400 employees has been globally successful for more than 150 years. Being part of a strong group enables us to act in a strong global network.

Umdasch Group Ventures is a separate enterprises with an agile and startup-like organization. The perfect setup to grow successful innovations.

Our Management
Our management (from left to right):
Johann Peneder (Umdasch Group Ventures),
Marco Romahn (Umdasch Group NewCon & Neulandt),
Werner H. Bittner (CEO Umdasch Group Ventures),
Jürgen Obiegli (Umdasch Group NewCon),
Lucas J. Winter (Contakt)

in 2016

Innovator in retail
& construction

Establish new
strategic businesses

While Umdasch Group Ventures develops innovative solutions till proven market fitness, Umdasch Group NewCon is our subsidiary and operational arm to implement and spread these new products and solutions in the global markets. Contakt GmbH and Neulandt GmbH are part of Umdasch Group NewCon.

Our Solutions - Download Folder (English, German)

Why are we involved in construction and retail?

Umdasch Group Ventures is a 100% company of the Umdasch Group AG, consisting of Doka, a market leader in formwork, and Umdasch The Store Makers, specialist in shopfitting and retail. Our roots and foundation are therefore construction and retail.


2016 Founding of Umdasch Group Ventures GmbH (originally as Doka Ventures GmbH). Start January 1st, 2017.
2017 30% Investment in Contour Crafting, the pioneer in 3D construction printing.
2018 Setup and successful testing of the mobile field factory Neulandt 3P.
2019 Founding of Contakt GmbH and Neulandt GmbH.
2019 Premiere at bauma 2019 - exhibition of three new solutions.

Strategic Investments

Contour Crafting Corporation

Since 2017 Umdasch Group Ventures is involved in the disruptive innovation of 3D construction printing.

We hold a 30% stake in Contour Crafting Corporation located in Los Angeles. It is the technological pioneer in 3D construction scale printing. Contour Crafting stands for a revolutionary construction method, where a house shell up to 200 sqm. is printed in 24 to 48 hours.


Solutions by Umdasch Group NewCon

Download Folder (English, German)


Innovative Precast Technology for Affordable Housing

  • How can the increasing demand for affordable housing be met?

Our answer: Neulandt 3P is our mobile field factory for the industrialized production of concrete precast elements for housing.

  • Build up directly at the project site.
  • High productivity through the innovative "Butterfly Technology".
  • Industrial prefabrication.
  • High quality finished precast segments.
  • Local value creation.



Digital Construction Intelligence

Contakt is the digitization of the construction site with an IoT-platform linked to BIM.

It manages construction sites and delivers data insights from the field. Transparency and analytics enables to identify and exploit cost and time optimization potential and to find the best performing process.

Contakt makes the entire construction processes intelligent, from which all players benefit - owners, contractors, planners and developers.


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Why work with us? There are many reasons ...

You are not just working with a company - you are shaping the future.

Our playing ground is greenfield.
We can think in all directions, try the newest tech and are not limited by existing processes.

We focus on the fast delivery of results.
No waste of time with paperwork.
Very fast decision lines – sometimes within minutes.
We hate micro management. Freedom, responsibility and team spirit enables us to deliver top results.

And we offer all the advantages of a corporate group:
Training programs, employee restaurant at headquarters, vitality & sports program, child care, HR services, office spaces in Vienna and Linz ...



IoT Hardware Developer für die Entwicklung von Elektronik-/ Mechatronik-Lösungen (m/w/d)

Senior Engineer IoT für die Entwicklung und Umsetzung von Elektronik-/ Mechatronik-Lösungen (m/w/d)

BIM-Techniker (m/w/d)

Engineering Manager - Neulandt Côte d'Ivoire (m/f/d)

Project Engineer | mobiles Fertigteilwerk (m/w/d) - Neulandt

Managing Director - Neulandt Cote d'Ivoire

Engineering Manager - Neulandt Côte d'Ivoire (m/f/d)

Sales Manager - Neulandt Côte d'Ivoire (m/f/d)

Product Owner Software (m/w/d)
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Backend Developer (m/w/d)
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Frontend Developer (m/w/d)
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Mobile Developer iOS, Android, Cross-Platform (m/w/d)
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